Breaking the Stress Cycle

Stress management for the Soul | Taught by Robert Kendall

Learn the Relaxation/Meditation skills needed to break your negative stress patterns

This approach to happiness is simple and profound
Are you ready to make the changes needed to reconnect your mind and heart to happiness and inner peace?

Are you ready to access deeper states of being and tap into your innate healing wisdom? 

In this course you will be taken through the deep relaxation/meditation skills needed to break your negative emotional stress patterns while you learn how to create a deep and lasting mind calming response to all your life's ups and downs. 
It is an opportunity to change your life for the better, if you are truly ready to let go your old negative beliefs and reset your body/mind responses to life.

This course places the emphasis on you having an experience of deep inner calm straight away.

What makes this course different is that the lessons are designed to clear you of negative unwanted tension while you simply practise deep relaxation skills for body, mind and nervous system. 

You will receive 
*3 guided Deep Relaxation/Meditation cycles that have been created to include specially designed *Alpha brain wave music. 
Couple this with *4 specially chosen breathing techniques 
and you have a system of deep relaxation and meditation that focuses your healing energy on realigning the body, heart, nervous system and brain, to let go unwanted stress patterns and negative emotions, easily and naturally. 

Yes, you will experience the release of your stress patterns, but not by just reading about it. Here you are given the support and guidance needed to create lasting change.

While listening and practicing the deep relaxation cycles, your nervous system and brain will begin to develop new neural pathways, creating a change in energy and hormonal flow. 

This in turn begins the process of rewiring the neural network and stimulating a change in brain biochemistry. 

The techniques used are based on new Brain research taken from the fields of Quantum Science, Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity, coupled with the Eastern traditions of meditation and energy building.

'If you wish to learn how to destress and heal your body/mind while increasing your emotional intelligence, then first you must be able to bring your body and mind into a brain wave pattern that only appears when you are relaxed and happy.'

Once you reconnect your brain and nervous system by gently removing the internal stress that separates and divides them, you will discover a vast resource of infinite intelligence waiting to assists you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

If you have always wanted to meditate, but have found it too hard to sit still and be quiet, then this course will teach you the fundamentals needed to practice a meditative practice that leads to a peaceful mind and a loving heart.

This course holds important keys to *self acceptance of your true nature *sleeping better *developing higher intelligence, *improving the Immune system *speeding up recovery for illness and *revitalising the body’s energy systems.

This course is clear, easy and practical. 
You will be able to utilise and experience the relaxation/meditation cycles 

right from the very beginning.

Areas of your life where you may notice changes are

• your moods will elevate and your outlook on life will brighten

• experience a sense of wholeness and happiness

• your sleep pattern will improve

• a calmer, more loving approach to interactions with others

• your vital energy will start to increased throughout your day

• and an increased ability to focus and be creative at work and play

• will give you the benefits of a calm, peaceful mind under pressure

• loving kindness will begin to be felt within the field of the heart and a revitalised body.

• it will change how you live and see the world

• it will teach you the skills to enhance your wellbeing and develop greater Self Awareness

• it may be one of the best anti-ageing and life enhancing technique available

•  You may begin your journey of deep Self-transformation into higher states of consciousness

All these marvellous changes are possible when you are willing to take the time to let go and drop into a regular practice of ‘Deep Meditative Relaxation’.

Are you ready to change your mind and your heart?

Join me for this inspiring journey to happiness and inner peace

Robert Kendall
Robert Kendall
Senior Instructor

Hi my name is Robert Kendall. I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner, majoring in the fields of Acupuncture (TCM), Medical Herbalism, Kinesiology, Meditation and Accelerated Learning.

I have discovered valuable simple supportive methods within the fields of Energy Medicine, Quantum Science and Traditional Eastern Philosophy, for helping people turn their lives around, to help them heal and create lasting positive uplifting change in their lives.

My special interests are in teaching and practising Deep Relaxation/Meditation and the techniques of Accelerated Whole brain learning.

I have a specific interest in bridging the gap between Spirituality and Quantum fields of consciousness, especially within the areas of Self transformation, Energy healing and the awakening of our Higher intelligence.

You could say I love to demystify ancient wisdom and Quantum Science in the areas of mind and body.  I am a long term enthusiast of everything to do with learning how to expand our Human Consciousness.

 If you would like to know more about Rob please go to the About Us page

Robert Kendall - Holistic Energy Medicine Practitioner
B. Ac (non-pract.) - Dip.Med.Herb - mAHPRA,  mATMS. - Kinesiologist -Relaxation and Meditation teacher - Quantum Field Energetics Practitioner - Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner 

Contact details: 
Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions about how the Course might help you
 Cheers RK


Take the time to create lasting change

5. The 4 Awarenesses - preparing to receive optimum benefits
8. Mastering what you have learned
9.completion and Your next steps