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For over 38 years Rob had been in clinical practice and during that time he studied many aspects of the mind and body through the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Neuroscience and Western Psychology. He is a student of the 'A Course in Miracles'  since 1980.

Robert has taught many seminars in the United Kingdom and Australia on Relaxation/Meditation, Super/Accelerated Learning, Sacred Art, Creativity, Prosperity, Energy Healing, EFT, Tai Chi Chuan and Self Transformation. He was a Lecturer in the Acupuncture(TCM) Faculty of the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

For 5 years Rob and his wife Shauna, lived in Scotland as Staff members of the famous Findhorn Foundation (a charitable Educational & Spiritual Trust).
At the time, he was the Foundation's only recognised Natural Medicine Practitioner and he was a group facilitator within the Educational Staff Faculty.

Robert also has been a professional artist, with paintings in private collections (UK, NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia).  Art and creativity are part of Robert and Shaunas holistic healing philosophy....

Our aim at is to help you transform in ways that are loving, healing, nourishing and peaceful, thereby creating a uplifting change in the mind and heart of humanity.

As Natural Energy Medicine practitioners with well over 40 years experience in many forms of natural medicine and traditional asian spiritual practices we acknowledge that humanity needs to change how it thinks and feels to find true lasting happiness.  

We know that a profound change in how we think and feel can be graceful and peaceful, when we use consciousness technologies that support and nourish how our hearts, brains and nervous systems work.

The courses that you will find here will reflect and support these beliefs.

Our only desire is to help you find inner peace, happiness and greater awareness through easy to practice Transformational processes that awaken your greater intelligence and open you to Love and Inner Peace

Heal, Transform, Awaken

"If you want to awaken all of humanity
then awaken all of yourself,
if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,
then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give
is that of your own self transformation".
Lao Tzu